My top 5 favorite places in Nuuk

My top 5 favorite places in Nuuk

Here are my top 5 places that I love in Nuuk: 

If you live in any place for long enough, you’ll find the places that have your favorite things. This includes the favorite foods, stores, and favorite hangouts. Here are my top five places I love about living in Nuuk, Greenland:

1. Favorite cafe: 

Cafe Pascucci.  They not only have great food but the atmosphere is equally comfortable. If you are looking for a place to have a bite to eat with the family, I highly recommend getting some nachos (with chicken and jalapenos), and/or some chicken wings with a cold craft beer.  This is our go-to treat and the best part, we always run into somebody we know. It’s just that kind of centrally located place. 

2. Favorite second-hand shop: 

Red Cross. This is hands down the place where we shop every week. They always have something new and gently used as people are always cycling in and out of Nuuk.  We’ve found brand new winter gear, clothes for our kids, shoes that were barely worn, and kitchen items that we needed. Nuuk is a transient place and at times, people don’t have time to sell things before they move so they drop their items off at the Red Cross.  Their loss is our gain. 

3. Fishing anywhere.  

You can literally catch fish right off the beach.  We’ve fished with a fishing pole and from a boat and we’ve always caught fish.  We catch mainly cod but if you’re lucky enough, you can catch rockfish or halibut.  We’ve fished right from the beach just down the road from home and we always catch dinner.  

4. Favorite place to get fresh fish & meat (in season):

Braddel. It’s a fascinating open marketplace where you can find seasonal meats like caribou and musk ox. You can also find fishes of all sorts (cod, rockfish, halibut, salmon, and even fish eggs). Whale, walrus, and seal meat can be found here as well. It’s a place where the hunters and fishermen bring their catches to sell to the public. 

5. Favorite shopping place: 

Nuuk Center is a centrally located mall.  It’s the city’s only mall and it has all the amenities of a mini shopping center.  If you need electronics, you’ve got Elgiganten. Pisifik is the go-to grocery store, (although a close second is Brugsen just down the street), and there is so much more. This is also where Pascucci is located and Nuuk Center is considered a central downtown location of Nuuk. 


What are your favorite things about Nuuk?  Let’s connect and share!

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