Episode 20: How to Start a Podcast: A checklist

Naetif Jen
Naetif Jen
Episode 20: How to Start a Podcast: A checklist

Do you want to start your own podcast? Do you want to know what goes into starting a podcast? Well worry no more, this episode is for this reason alone. I created a “How to Start a Podcast Checklist.”

Many people want to create a podcast but don’t know what it takes to begin, what tools and tech are involved and how do you get it online to places like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. This episode takes you through what it takes to start a podcast. And, it’s not as complex as you thought. You need to be ready to take a dive into all things Podcasting. And remember, podcasting is about the long game, the more downloads you have, the more people listen to your podcast. Here is a good start to begin podcasting now.

Let me know what you think (I didn’t do a lot of editing on this one;)

If you are ready to start podcasting, here is a FREE download of my  Podcasting Checklist

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I am also available for one-on-one consultations here.

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