Episode 18: A Naetif Jen Podcast Update

Naetif Jen
Naetif Jen
Episode 18: A Naetif Jen Podcast Update

Here is a Naetif Jen Podcast update. It’s been a while…a long time since I posted a new episode. For that I am sorry. A lot has happened since last fall. A lot has changed. With that comes transitions, growth, and healing and that’s exactly what I focused on.

Here is what this episode and update are all about:

  • Moving back to Denmark from Greenland
  • Spirituality: How I connected and practice shamanism
  • Indigenous wellness: Movement, food, spirit
  • What’s to come:)

Thank you for showing up when I couldn’t. I appreciate you and as always, I hope I’ve earned the privilege of your time.

~Naetif Jen

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