Episode 17: Aviaja Rakel

Naetif Jen
Naetif Jen
Episode 17: Aviaja Rakel

Aviaja Rakel is a profound Greenlandic Inuit woman who comes from a shamanic lineage. She is a brave soul that has returned to her pre-colonized traditional beliefs. We dive right into the conversation with her talking about her craft, she is a Shaman Practitioner. Aviaja explained what shamanism is and what she does to help people heal and open their own intuition.

She has an amazing story of healing, generational trauma healing, and what spirituality means to her. Listen to find out all the things about Shamanism and what it means and how it has changed my view on everything.

Where to find out more about my guest:


@rakel_angakker  https://www.instagram.com/rakel_angakker/?hl=en

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