Episode 16: Paninnquaq Lind Jensen

Naetif Jen
Naetif Jen
Episode 16: Paninnquaq Lind Jensen

Paninnguaq is an old soul that I had the honor to interview. She is a Greenlandic Inuk, an Artist, a traditional tattoo artist (traditional practitioner of Tunniit), a Mother, a children’s books author, and a student of her Greenlandic Inuit culture and traditions. She is from Narsaq, South Greenland. She began in the western tattoo industry, but a shift started in 2016. Paninnguaq started on a professional and personal journey of decolonization by embracing traditional markings in her tattoo art. She co-directed and produced White Paper, a documentary about mining in Greenland and its effect on the health of the ancient land and community. Her aim is cultural preservation.

Again, Paninnguaq is an old soul that I was honored to interview. She is profoundly connected to her culture and I felt that throughout our conversation. You can hear her love for her Inuit people, her culture, the land, and especially her children. We talked about all things Arctic Indigenous womanhood and it felt beautiful and spiritual. I have so much respect for her and her work. Check out this episode and let me know what you think.

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