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Greenlandic Culture Shock

Greenlandic Culture Shock We moved to Greenland from Denmark in the fall of 2020 and experienced some Greenlandic culture shocks that we weren’t prepared for. It wasn’t what we expected but we kept an open mind as we chose to

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My top 5 favorite places in Nuuk

Here are my top 5 places that I love in Nuuk:  If you live in any place for long enough, you’ll find the places that have your favorite things. This includes the favorite foods, stores, and favorite hangouts. Here are

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Confessions of an Alaskan Expat…

(Originally I wrote this when I was a year into living in Denmark.  It was two websites ago.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  But ironically, things are eerily similar now that I live in Nuuk, Greenland.  Nuuk is a

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30 LIFE LESSONS I’ve gained from living this crazy and unconventional life…. I have few regrets in life. But, I do have one that haunts me to this day.  I was invited to speak to Mt. Edgecumbe high school (MEHS)

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